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Jarred Entertainment Limited (JEL) is a production and publishing company based in Denver, Colorado founded by Erik Jared Skinner.

JEL provides services for writing, illustration, design, video production and video editing.

Jarred Entertainment Limited
PO Box 3711 Parker CO 80134

(720) 256-6523


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jkire - blog, photos, other projects

erikatures - illusrations and cartoons

today i watched - movie and television reviews

today i played - game playthroughs and reviews

duos trilogy - sci-fi/fantasy comedy novels

jkire games - playthroughs, reviews, tutorials

heist night - analysis of heists in film and television

fridge - a web comic

marching lessons - tips for marching band and drum corps

ambigrammatic - typographical designs

prenachronisms - a novel

zom nomz - an upcoming project of some kind about zombies